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Symphony No. 2 4.2.3. Tuba Perc. Piano. Strings Notes about Symphony No. 2

A Norfolk Seascape

Solo flute 01112 Strings Harp Percussion

Interludes from Syn 2.2. Timp. Perc. Pno. Strings

The Martyrdom of Latimer 2.4.3 (tuba) Timp. Perc. Strings Cambridge Recordings logo
 Sample 1 Notes about The Martyrdom of Latimer
 Sample 2 Notes about The Martyrdom of Latimer

Sinfonietta 2.2. Timp. Perc. Strings

Gaelic Triptych 2.2.3(+1) Timp. Perc(3) Strings Cambridge Recordings logo
 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Festival Overture 2(4) 2.3+1 Timp. Perc(3) Strings Notes about Festival Overture Cambridge Recordings logo

Northern Picture 2(4) 2.3 Timp. Perc(3) Strings Notes about Northern Picture Cambridge Recordings logo

Life Cycle

2+1. 2.2.2. 2(4) 2.3+1 Timp Perc(3+) Pno. Synth. Strings Notes about Life Cycle Cambridge Recordings logo

Violin Concerto 2.2. Timp. Perc. Strings
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Flute Concertino  2.0. Strings

Chamber works

Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet and string quartet
 Sample 1
 Sample 2


Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

Three Pieces for Flute and Guitar by Lennox Berkeley

Arranged by A.Pounds from the Five Short Pieces for Piano Op. 4
 Andante Cambridge Recordings logo
 Moderato Cambridge Recordings logo
 Allegro Moderato Cambridge Recordings logo


Song cycle (baritone, flute, viola, piano, percussion)

A Shakespeare Sonnet

Solo flute (and piano)

Blake's Drum

Voice. Flt. Vla. Pno. Perc.

Sonata for violin and piano

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3
 Movement 4

Sonatina for Flute and Piano

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Wind Quintet

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3
 Movement 4

String Quartet no. 1 (1978)


String Quartet no. 2 (2003)

Cambridge Recordings logo


Violin, viola, cello and piano
 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

A Prelude to Bach


A Shakespeare Sonnet

Solo flute



SATB organ

Veni, redemptor gentium

SATB organ

Time (song cycle)

Baritone, flute, viola, piano and percussion

Behold The Great Creator Makes

SATB organ

The Christ-Child

SATB organ

To An Evening Star

(S.A.T.B.) Organ

A Cradle Song

(S.A.T.B.) organ ad. lib. Notes about A Cradle Song Cambridge Recordings logo

Christmas Evocation

(S.A.T.B.) organ and flute

Music Comes

Guitar, flute and narrator


Syn  2.1.1.   Timps. Perc.(2)  Pno.  Strings (1.(1).1.1.(1)