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Symphony no. 1 4.2.3. Tuba Timps Perc. Strings CD logo

Symphony no. 2 4.2.3. Tuba Perc. Piano. Strings Notes about Symphony No. 2

Symphony no. 3 2.2. Timps CD logo

Symphony no. 4 4.2.3. Tuba Timps Perc. Strings

A Norfolk Seascape

Solo flute 01112 Strings Harp Percussion

Interludes from Syn 2.2. Timp. Perc. Pno. Strings

The Martyrdom of Latimer 2.4.3 (tuba) Timp. Perc. Strings CD logo
 Sample 1 Notes about The Martyrdom of Latimer
 Sample 2 Notes about The Martyrdom of Latimer

Sinfonietta 2.2. Timp. Perc. Strings

Gaelic Triptych 2.2.3(+1) Timp. Perc(3) Strings CD logo
 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Festival Overture 2(4) 2.3+1 Timp. Perc(3) Strings Notes about Festival Overture CD logo

Northern Picture 2(4) 2.3 Timp. Perc(3) Strings Notes about Northern Picture CD logo

Life Cycle

2+1. 2.2.2. 2(4) 2.3+1 Timp Perc(3+) Pno. Synth. Strings Notes about Life Cycle CD logo

Violin Concerto 2.2. Timp. Perc. Strings
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Flute Concertino  2.0. Strings

Chamber works


Flute and piano

Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet and string quartet
 Sample 1
 Sample 2


Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

Three Pieces for Flute and Guitar by Lennox Berkeley

Arranged by A.Pounds from the Five Short Pieces for Piano Op. 4
 Andante CD logo
 Moderato CD logo
 Allegro Moderato CD logo


Song cycle (baritone, flute, viola, piano, percussion)

Sonata for violin and piano

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3
 Movement 4

Sonatina for Flute and Piano

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

Wind Quintet

 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3
 Movement 4

String Quartet

CD logo


Violin, viola, cello and piano
 Movement 1
 Movement 2
 Movement 3

A Prelude to Bach


A Shakespeare Sonnet

Solo flute


London Cantata

SATB Baritone solo and orchestra


SATB organ

Veni, redemptor gentium

SATB organ

Time (song cycle)

Baritone, flute, viola, piano and percussion

Behold The Great Creator Makes

SATB organ

The Christ-Child

SATB organ

A Cradle Song

(S.A.T.B.) organ ad. lib. Notes about A Cradle Song CD logo

Christmas Evocation

(S.A.T.B.) organ and flute

Music Comes

Guitar, flute and narrator


Syn  2.1.1.   Timps. Perc.(2)  Pno.  Strings (1.(1).1.1.(1)