For flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

The ‘heart’ of the piece is the second movement which is more emotionally charged than the other two. The first movement is based on a short rising motif of four notes of the flattened ninth chord which combined some ambiguous harmonies, gives the music a blues feel. This movement is energetic and very rhythmic. The middle section of the work is based on a march-like theme that is quite grotesque in character.  It is based on a repeated device which presents itself in different guises until it leads to the return of the opening music.  The second movement is essentially melodic. An extended melody, first introduced by the oboe is presented over bitter-sweet harmonies. This is taken over by the other instruments before leading to a gently oscillating section which in turn develops into a climax. This happens twice – the second time being extended. At bars 30-34 there is a rising atonal section that resolves into the main melody. The final coda is based on the opening music. This movement presents a state of mind – both melancholic and anxious. The third movement is a lively rondo. There is no specific programme here but rather it is absolute music that is virtuosic and uncompromising.

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