The Martyrdom of Latimer

The Martyrdom of Latimer composed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Ely Sinfonia explores the final days of the cleric Hugh Latimer’s life, his death at the stake and his martyrdom. In order to give a sense of period, modal themes and liturgical ideas are combined with strong rhythmic statements.

Left quote The warmth and enthusiasm the audience showed towards this piece was certainly warranted. This profound work explored the excitement and darkness of death and spiritual revival. After the opening appealing melody was taken up in turn by the different sections of the orchestra, the toll of impending doom heralded the contrasting development of dramatic conflict, building up to an exciting climax with trumpets off-stage broadening the experience until the work’s final thunderous drum call brought this fine composition to a memorable close. Right quote

— Dr Rosemary Westwell, Local Arts Critic

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